Thursday, 13 January 2022

school run mitts

 A nice, easy quick knit, made a small inroad into the sock wool stash too

I think next up will be a scarf inspired by Japanese sashiko embroidery; it's a kal on Ravelry using a free pattern by  Zabeth Leisel-Weiner.  It's meant to be a stash buster, but I wanted to use the traditional indigo and white of the embroidery, so I've actually bought the wool for it, and it arrived promptly this morning.  I hope to get it cast on tomorrow evening. 

Monday, 10 January 2022

Hermione's Every Day socks

 These had been in my Ravelry queue for a year, finally got round to making them.  Knitted in Wendy Roam Fusion; I bought two different balls of this on e-bay, the band from this one was missing, so not sure of colourway/  I finally managed to track some down as it was discontinued.  There's a decent amount left over to add to the LOSY stash, plus the complete other ball which has more reds in it.

I enjoyed knitting these simple texture pattern. interesting heel with garter stitch edges which made picking up easier, and a nice roomy toe.  I'll probably knit some more at some point.

I'm now working on a pair of School Run mitts - easy knit while I watch Youtubes etc, almost finished the first one.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022


 Finished the Vintage Tinsel socks last night; pleased with them both for the colours and the reliable quality of the WYS wool.  As it was a WIP, I've started my virtual Ravelry flock with one sheep lol

I'm a bit late to the  party, but the Hermione Every Day socks have been on my list for a while; now cast on in Wendy Roam Fusion.  Not sure of the colour, as it was bought from e-bay and arrived without a band, along with a ball in "Cairn" colourway.

I've been wanting to find a group for knitting preppers on Ravelry for a few years now, but nothing was forthcoming, so I started one last night.  Called simply "knitting for preppers", I'm hoping it will be a useful source of ideas and patterns to add to peoples'  preps.  It's gathered four members so far, we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

cold sheep................


- it's like cold turkey, but with wool.  I don't intend to buy any new wool this year, I really want to get through my stash and finish all my WIPs by year end.

We'll see how that goes lol I have two or three jumper WIPs that need finishing, plus a lot of wool to knit several more; more sock wool than you can shake a dpn at; several smaller WIPs that need finishing; the ever-present sock in progress.

Other plans for this year:

- learn to weave

- use the peg loom

- service the wheel, set up the drum carder and get back into spinning

- more dyeing

- make some textile wreaths for my home

- try and make room for some charity knitting

- get my online shop up and running

- make textile cards

I found a group on Ravelry where you can build your own virtual flock; you award yourself a virtual lamb/sheep and multiples thereof according to projects completed.  What I like is that you have your own thread to post photos, progress, keep a tally of your flock.  I've found with Ravelry that so many of the groups get taken over by some members overthinking, getting a bit neurotic about the rules and guidelines, hi-jacking threads - takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.  I've lost count of the number of groups I've joined and left because of this.  With my own dedicated thread, I can just post my own progress, count my sheep and quietly take part as much or as little as I want,

In other news, I''ve just turned the heel on the first Vintage Tinsel sock, but am using my own pattern from my head instead of the one supplied by WYS with the wool.

I want to try and post more often on here, I have no excuse really lol

Thursday, 16 December 2021


Funny how my knitting preferences have changed over the years.  These days I find I take myself much less seriously, and that includes my knitting.  It probably has a lot to do with the explosion of knitting related stuff due to the internet.

My latest delivery is a case in point - a ball of WYS sock wool in "Vintage Tinsel" - with sparkles!!  Admittedly, it's quite subtle, very fine silver tint tiny sparkles that run right through the wool.


I'm looking forward to casting this on.

In other textile news, I've bought a Prym knitting mill and a pack of pom pom makers.  I know that a cotton reel with nails in (or its modern day equivalent) for French knitting and the back of a cornflake packet for pom pom discs are perfectly adequate, but sometimes it's nice to keep up with things :)  I do have specific projects in mind for these two bits of equipment; if left to the cotton reel and cardboard and the time taken, there is a fair chance that those projects would stall before half way.  I see them as investments, and both will be useful in getting through my stash.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

wee houses scarf

 Have cast on this lovely pattern from Julia Marsh - multi coloured wee croft houses and lots of pom poms :)

I cast on last night and have the first two rows of houses done

Knitted in the round on a 4 mm needle in Stylecraft Highland Heathers dk, so it's working up quickly. It's a nice yarn to work with, I crocheted a shawl with it earlier in the year.  It'll be an as and when project I think, in between other things.  I was very taken by the design though.

Julia Marsh was behind the wee croft house pattern that appeared in Landscape magazine several years ago, which I knitted as soon as I saw it.